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Workinnorway.no uses cookies. The function can be switched on and off in most browsers through "settings", "security" or similar. Cookies do not contain personal data and are not a security risk for you. If you turn off cookies in your browser, it is not certain that all services will work as they should.

We use information from cookies to improve the user experience and content. When you visit workinnorway.no, your browser sends information to NAV's systems. For each page you open, information is stored about which page you are on, which page you come from and go to, which browser you use, whether you use a PC or mobile solutions, etc. This way we can improve the flow and experience for everyone who uses the website.

The information is only used to map how and how much nav.no is used, but without identifying IP addresses. We use the tools Amplitude and Hotjar in our analysis work.

NAV has operational responsibility for this site. You will find more information about how NAV processes personal data as well as contact information in our privacy policy.